There have been hackers in video games as long as there have been video games. From the start of video gaming history, some people have used hacks to make winning easier for themselves. Many players in the world still use hacks, mainly in online gaming, and while the hackers love what they do, the people that suffer from their actions hate it. There are many hacks available for video games, from simple hacks to improve speed and aim, to hacks that completely remove walls from the game.

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This results in many players being frustrated and this causes them to completely stop playing the game. To prevent this from happening, an anti cheat system was created. This anti cheat system is a way for the developers of online games to spot and remove hackers from their games and ban their accounts. However, the anti cheat system isn’t that strong. However it has been quite some time since the introduction of anti cheat, it is still not that great at fighting hackers as most of them go undetected. There are many different types of hackers out there that create and experiment with many different types of hacks.

In all reality, there are no hacks that are undetected. Every kind of hack, big or small, has been detected. It is up to the hacker that is performing to perform them so well that anti cheat can never detect them. Hacks come in many different forms. Some of the more undetectable hacks are given below:


Wall hacks are some of the most popular hacks. On top of this they are also very hard to detect. Wall hacks allow players to detect any enemies that are hiding behind a wall or any the type of cover. Some versions of this hack also allow players to shoot through these walls which allow them to eliminate the players hiding behind cover. This hack comes in very handy to fight players in terrains with trees or with any other wall like structures where they can hide. Wall hacks are most effective for games like Rainbow Six Siege and Player Unknown’s battlegrounds as they are mainly set in tight, wall filled areas. Wall hacks can only be detected by video evidence i.e. if you accidentally leak footage of your own gameplay to social media or any other platform where the developers can see. 


Speed hacks are some of the most effective and useful hacks in all of gaming. As the name clearly states, speed hacks allow the hacker using them to increase their movement speed significantly. This allows players to get to different places very fast and conveniently. It is more helpful in games like GTA online or Rust, but can be very effective in Six Siege and Call of Duty as well. Speed hacks can be used to cover ground quicker and help your team at the objective after you spawn or get to different, higher terrains with ease. Some speed hacks also allow you to jump higher and climb walls. This allows you to not only easily escape when cornered by enemies, but also climb onto roofs and other high places to get to a very good sniping spot. Speed hacks are detectable if a moderator is watching your gameplay.


In any shooter game, ammo is the most important thing you have. In games like Apex Legend and Fortnite, ammo is scarce as you do not have the ability to carry so many items at a time. However, to remove the need to look for ammo, hackers implemented infinite ammo hacks that provided them with an endless supply of ammunition. Whenever you pick up a weapon, the infinite ammo hacks will automatically add infinite ammo for the selected gun. This provides players with the comfort of never running out of ammo, meaning that they don’t have to make their shots count all the time. In many cases, the hack has been seen to be paired with no reload hacks, making the hacker in question an unstoppable force.


No reloading is a very big relief in any shooter game. Players are most vulnerable when reloading which is why the no reload hack is a very popular one. The hack allows hackers to fire their weapon without ever having to stop for reloading. This allows hackers to gun down the players in front of them with significant comfort. The hack is nearly undetectable and only when being watched by a moderator can you be caught for it. A different approach to the no reload hack is faster reload times. Instead of never reloading, hackers made a hack which allows them to reload in a amount of time so small, it practically feels like nothing. Many players that use this hack pair this with the infinite ammo hack. This allows them to fire without ever worrying about reloading or about the depletion of ammo.


No recoil is another very useful hack. It removes the recoil aspect of the game whenever you fire your weapon. This allows you to fire in a straight line without your gun straying off target. The no recoil hacks are nearly undetectable by the anti cheat system. While the hack is one that proves significant, anti cheat supposedly does not see it that way, allowing most of the hackers that use the cheat go unharmed.