DayZ is a very exhilarating and intense online only game developed by Bohemia Interactive. Originally created by Dean Hall as a mod for the first person shooter ARMA: 2, DayZ gained a lot of popularity. DayZ was very popular back then as it offered players a unique and new experience. DayZ puts players in control of a character in a fictional soviet city that has been infected with some sort of plague. This plague had disastrous effects on living beings, especially humans whom the plague turned into flesh consuming zombies.

In DayZ you will be given only one objective, survive. In the world of DayZ you have no friends and must fend hungry animals and zombies while also being vary of other players who will attempt to kill you and steal from you. You will have to be vary of surroundings and search for food and other supplies to keep yourself healthy and safe. However all this is a bit too challenging for some players who just don’t want to play by the book.

Due to being a mod, DayZ was home to many hackers back in the early 2010’s and even now after Bohemia Interactive have made it into an official game, the problem remains. There are many different hacks and cheats for DayZ that are used by most players to make the game easier for themselves while making it a great deal more difficult for others. These hacks are given below:


Aim bot is the first hack that comes to mind when someone talks about cheating in online games. From the first Counter Strike game to the more recent Overwatch and Fortnite, every shooter multiplayer shooter game has been a victim of players that abuse aim bot. if you do not know what aim bot is, it is the most commonly used hack for online shooter games that allows players to lock on to a specific part of the enemies hit box. You can choose whatever body part you like, left leg, right arm, head etc. but almost no hacker targets the head. This is because of precautionary measures as constantly landing headshots makes the moderator and anti-cheat system suspicious, which could then in turn lead to their accounts being investigated and permanently banned. Many players that use aim bot also pair it with a trigger bot which makes it even easier for them.


A very common hack used in DayZ is teleportation. Teleportation hacks allow players to go to any part of the map whenever they please. This is very useful as it allows players to escape in tight situations like when they might be surrounded by infected. It is also used by players to immediately grab required supplies from the only area where those supplies can be found. It can also be used to quickly return to base any time your base might be under attack. Another use for this hack is getting close to far off players and surprising them. Any player would panic when a fully armored enemy appears before them. This gives the hacker in question an advantage and allows them to easily deal with the surprised player. However, the main use of this hack is to access areas that may be locked and be inaccessible by the hacker beforehand.


Another very useful hack for games like DayZ is the wall hack. Wall hacks alter the textures in the games files, completely removing the walls from your game, or making them transparent. This hack prevents players from every getting ambushed as you will be able to see any players hiding behind walls, trees or any other form of cover. Some wall hacks also allow you to shoot through the walls, letting you shoot the players hiding behind cover. It is a very useful hack in any shooter game, especially one where you might find yourself in tight spaces like DayZ.


Trigger bot is also one of the most famous video game hacks. Trigger bots grant the hacker the ease of not having to shoot. Meaning that the trigger bot will automatically fire the weapon every time your aim cursor is placed directly at an enemy. Trigger bots also reduce recoil and are an effective way of dealing with multiple enemies in a tight space. Many hackers that use trigger bot pair it with aim bot which gives them the freedom of not having to shoot or aim. All they have to do is press the aim button and the bots will do everything for them. This allows the hacker to gun down players in an instant but using 2 major hacks at the same time could result in them getting caught and their account getting banned.


The hack has not been given a specific name so far, but using the ‘’loot alive players’’ hack, you can, as the term explains, loot any player, whether they are dead or not. This hack is very annoying to face as a hacker can come up and steal all your loot and there is little you can do about it but report them. The hack can be used at any time once active, during fights, during running, during jumping etc. which is why it is hard to defend against. Many players pair the hack with speed hacks so that they can instantly loot the player they’re facing.