Escape from Tarkov is a intense and very fast paced multiplayer shooter being developed by Battlestate Games. The game revolves around mercenaries who are trying to leave the city of Tarkov. Tarkov is a fictional Russian city in the world of Escape from Tarkov, which serves as a gateway from Russia to other European countries. Tarkov turned into a war zone due to political conflicts and the game itself is set after the events of the war.

In Escape from Tarkov, players are pitted against each others in teams or alone, depending on the mode the player is playing, and are made to kill each other in a very gruesome and intense environment. However the game has received mixed reviews, it is still in early access and is getting better as time passes. But due to the game being in early access, the game faces one problem that every other multiplayer game does as well, this problem is hackers. Hackers are found in abundance in Escape from Tarkov and Battlestate games can do little about it. There are many different types of hacks available for Escape from Tarkov, from speed hacks to Trigger bots, these hacks are given below.


A slightly unpopular but effective hack found in Escape from Tarkov is the no reload hack. The no reload hack as the name clearly states, allows players to fire rapid rounds in succession without ever having the need to reload. Reloading is a stressful thing in any video game as you are most vulnerable when you are reloading, which is why the hack can be useful for every shooter, but in a tightly packed and intense game like Escape from Tarkov, this hack is especially handy. When encountered by multiple opponents at once, the hacker using this hack can unload the entirety of his ammo at the opposing players, giving the hacker the advantage as enemies will have to reload at one point or another. The hack has been seen many times, and many players took to social media posting clips of their experience on Twitter and the Escape from Tarkov Sub-Reddit.


By a long shot, the most popular hack for every multiplayer shooter is aim bot. Hacker or not, you will already know what aim bot is at it is the most common hack in video gaming. Aim bot gives players the relief of not having to aim i.e. the aim bot will automatically aim at the enemy for you every time you press the aim button. There are a few different types of aim bots which are listed below,


Standard aim bots are the regular aim bots that can be purchased online. These are used by most players who avoid hacking themselves and just buy the hacks online for a fair price. However standard aim bots can also be added into the program yourself.


Internal aim bots are the aim bots that are added into the system by the user themselves. This can be done through C++ or via injecting with a Dynamic Disk Library. Internal aim bots are very popular as they are the hardest to detect for the anti-cheat system.


External aim bots are another popular version of aim bot. External aim bots are added by the user into the program via an external source. These are also very hard to detect.

There are a few other types of aim bots as well, such as Field of view aim bot and color aim bot.


One of the more common hacks in Escape from Tarkov is invincibility or infinite health. The hack allows the hacker in question to go barging in the enemy base without worrying about ever dying. All the bullets that the enemy fires towards you will be useless as they will go right through you. Keep in mind that this means that any teammate directly behind the hacker will get shot if he is in the line of fire. To prevent this, some hackers use the infinite health hack instead. When using the infinite health hack, bullets, grenades and any other forms of damage that you suffer will be ineffective since you will have a unlimited health bar. This hack is very common and despite many players sending clips of other players using the hack to Battlesate games, no action has been taken as Battlestate refuses to accept outside help for unknown reasons. Because of this, hackers in Escape from Tarkov are rising in numbers every passing minute.


Speed hacks are another popular hack in Escape from Tarkov. Like internal aim bots, most speed hacks are also injected into the program itself by the user. As the name clearly states, speed hacks give the advantage of faster movement to the hacker that is using them. Using speed hacks, you can enhance your speed and move much faster compared to the other players. This allows you to escape from tight situations with significant ease. Speed hacks can also be used to attack other players. Many of the hackers that use speed hacks use them to get close to other players and melee them, resulting in an insta kill. Some versions of speed hacks also allow players to jump very high or interact with objects faster than usual