Ubisoft did an amazing job on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and they are getting the credit they deserve. After many years of hard work, Ubisoft finally released Rainbow Six Siege in the last month of 2015 and the game received great responses from most critics. As time passed Ubisoft made more and more improvements to the game and continues to do so this day; however like any other game before and after it, Six Siege is far from perfect. Sure, every game has little glitches and bugs in it, but as all other multiplayer games, the biggest problem with Six Siege is the inability to deal with hackers.

Many players have taken advantage of this, which is clear by the large amount of hackers that you will encounter in Six Siege. From casual to quick play to the higher levels of competitive play, Rainbow Six Siege is infested with hackers and the players that play the game ‘’fair’’ hate it. If you want to find out what type of hacks a player might be using or if you want to exploit the game yourself and try out some hacks, given below is a list of the hacks used by most Six Siege hackers.


Obviously, when anyone talks about hacks, the first thing that pops up in your head is aim bot. aim bot is one of the oldest hacks in gaming history, being around since the early 2000’s. Ever since the release of the original Counter Strike game, some people have used aim bot to improve their aim. Aim bot, as the name suggests, provides players with aim assist in online multiplayer games. Aim bot comes in many forms, internal, external, color etc. however; all of these perform the same task, which is to help the player using them with their aim. Aim bots can be manually programmed to focus on a specific body part (arms, legs, torso, and head) from the opponent’s hit box. While making the aim bot focus on the head of the opposing players would seem like an effective and shorter way of getting rid of the enemy, constantly landing head shots and getting fancy kills can cause other players, and even the game itself to get suspicious, which may make the game put your account under investigation. To avoid this, many hackers use internal or external aim bots. Internal aim bots are the aim bots which are added into the games algorithm with the help of DLL (Dynamic Disk Library) via a method called injecting whereas external aim bots are added by the user themselves through an external source. Hackers use these as they are the 2 most difficult types of aim bots to spot, however; external aim bots are harder to locate than internal ones.


Some hackers use hacks which allow them to use their characters abilities as much as they like without any cool down times or in some cases, allow the player using the hacks to enhance the effect of their operators’ abilities. For example, Echo’s Yokai, which is a drone that can be used to launch ultrasonic rays, which are fatal at a certain range, can be used to kill enemies even from far off places.


In more recent times, a new hack has been discovered by players of Six Siege. This new hack basically allows the hacker using them to change the operators of the players that are on the opposing team. Meaning that the person that uses this hack has the power to completely mess with the composition of the enemy team, completely altering their selections. The first recorded appearance of the hack was when a player of the game took to twitter and posted a video. In this video he showed how he and his teammates chose operators of their choice but when the match started, they had completely different ones. You would think that this was just a glitch and nothing too serious, however; the player using the hacks was taunting them through the text chat, and saying ‘’you will play the character of my choice now’’. The hack isn’t at all common and is very new but is very useful as the hacker can make the entire team up of operators that are weak against the operators being used by the hacker’s team. This hack can also be used to change the operators of your allies, but this is all the details regarding the hack that are available for now.


Due to the tight spaces in Six Siege, teams often find themselves fighting against each other in a single hallway, stacked against one another. Because of this, some hackers use a hack which allows them fire rounds that can hit multiple amounts of enemies in a line. This allows the hacker in question to quickly eliminate all players standing in front of him without taking too much time. While some operators already have guns which fire these types of rounds, this hack allows you to fire these rounds with even a pistol. In some versions of the hacks the rounds also go through walls. While some walls and surfaces already allow bullets to pass through, these versions of the hacks allow the hacker to fire through completely solid walls as well, which could not be fired through previously.