Rust was created as a clone of the famous mod for ARMA 2 called Dayz. Originally released in 2013 as an early access of the game, Facepunch’s multiplayer only adventure wasn’t fully released until 2018, a very long 5 years later. Due to its unique gameplay, Rust became very popular during it’s early access stages. In Rust, you live the life of a survivor that is lost and all alone in the wilderness. You will have to manage your health, hunger, thirst and craft essential items for yourself by gathering supplies all while fending of wild animals like wolfs. Despite all of this, the biggest threat that you will encounter in Rust are the other players.

Due to being an only multiplayer game, you will have to encounter and fight other online players every now and then. Killing these players will allow you to loot them for their supplies and weapons while killing you will allow them to the same. But due to the game being so difficult, some players don’t play by the books. Rust is a playground for hackers as you will see almost every time you play the game. the game is infested with hackers who use all kinds of different hacks. There are many different hacks available for Rust. A select few of these are listed below along with the effects they have when activated.


In a game like Rust which heavily depends upon crafting and survival, infinite resources to craft whatever you please are a huge help. Infinite resources allow you to craft and access everything that you can in the game and are very helpful when it comes to protecting your base. Infinite resources hacks, like most others can be bought online or they can be added into the game by the hacker themselves through internal means. To utilize this hack during adventures, hackers use it in combination with the infinite carry capacity hack.


The infinite inventory slot hack allows players to carry as many items as they can without having to drop others. With the infinite inventory slot enabled, the player that is using the hack is granted with an endless amount of carry capacity, this allows players to gather as many supplies as they want during an expedition without having to go back for something that they had to leave behind due to a full inventory. The infinite inventory slots hack also gives players the freedom of taking whatever they please from their camp on one of their little adventures so they do not get looted while they are away. This also gives players the relief of not having to strategize what they want to take with them. Many players use this hack along with the infinite resources hack but keep in mind that if killed and looted, your hack will be detected by other players which could result in you getting banned. Many players that use this hack combine it with the infinite resources hack so that they can carry everything in the game, at all times.



This hack allows players to spot enemies from a distance. If you are on top of a tall tower, the hack automatically marks all other players in your field of view. In a game like Rust, this hack is very useful as it allows players to relax without the fear of being ambushed. Any enemies near you will be automatically marked as well which completely demolishes the chance of being attacked by players that might be hiding. Some versions of this hack are altered to allow players to spot enemies hiding behind walls and other forms of cover as well which is very useful during fights in tight spaces or warehouses. There is another altered version of this hack which allows the player using the hack to not only to spot enemies, but also ‘’spot’’ their hot bars i.e. look at their hot bars and see all weapons and other equipments the player has on them. 


There is a hack available for Rust which allows the hacker to spawn at any location of their choice. This hack offers a huge advantage as you can spawn wherever you please, even at the exact location of your last death, which allows you to surprise the player that killed you and retrieve all your supplies which would be lost otherwise. Another advantage of this hack is that it can be used to get to different corners of the map quickly. You can kill your own character and choose to spawn on the other side of the map and although it would not be much help as you lose your equipment when you die, some versions of this hack allow you to keep your equipment as well. This can also be used to access areas that you couldn’t access previously, such as locked rooms in bunkers.


This hack hasn’t been given a specific name, however it gives players the freedom of not having to eat in game. The hack completely removes the hunger and thirst aspect of the game by permanently placing your thirst and hunger bars at full. While the hunger and thirst aspect of the game make the game feel better and more challenging, some players do not like it and find it unnecessary, which is why this hack is used by a vast amount of players.